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IPR Issue 26


Introduction by Susan Terris

"In Malarmé's Mirror"; "Likely Snow"
Duff Axsom
"Carrots of Guilt"; "Refaceable"
Walter Bargen
"Adoration of the Argot";
"Braids of Influence (Riff on a Haibun)"

John Chorazy
"The Birds"
Heather Derr-Smith
"Blame"; "Freedom"
Albert Flynn DeSilver
"FAQ"; "According to Nixon's Advisor"
John Estes
"Time Untied and Took off Its Shoes";
"A Bookcase Mauled a Corner in an Otherwise Peaceful Life"

Tom Gribble
"Fifty gypsies come with care instructions";
"Sequined Cargo"

Kathleen Hellen
"Vodka and Cranberry Juice";
"After the Carnival Is Over"

Sam Magavern
"Wedding Arcade"; "Coney Island Nudes"
Sally Molini
"Nighthawks: An Abbreviated Sonnet Cycle"
Lee Passarella
"Foundlings"; "Wall Sonnet"
Joan Stepp Smith
"Van Gogh's Ear"; "Anonymous Submissions"
Jeanne Wagner
"Love Poem"; "Second Acts"
Mike White
"An Unscreened Porch in the City";
"Last Stop"

Brenda Yates
"You Have Ten Minutes to Explain Infinity"

Joe Zaccardi

Introduction by Debra Di Blasi

"Words Without Bodies"
Doug Rice
"Maps of Mine House"
Kylee Cook
"Banana Peel"
Jamie Popowich
"x/she: stardraped"
Laura Vena
"Bitter Heaven: A Romance"
Angela Szczepaniak
"The Feeling of Pig"
Robert J. Gregg
Michael Spring
Anne Germanacos
"Anybody Here Seen Our Old Friend John? "
Cris Mazza and Davis Schneiderman
"Dressing Lenin"
Gary D. Wilson
"Blue Whale: Oratorio for Three or More Voices"
Christine Choi
"Four Origins of the Articulate Requiring Proof"
Joe Milazzo
"The Joy of Christian Sex"
Bill Lavender
"Twenty-One Women"
Michael Aro
Jennifer Calkins

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